Harm Reduction

Although for many people Kratom can have seemingly miraculous benefits, we can’t have an honest discussion about it without mentioning some of the potential negatives. Just like coffee, prescription pills, alcohol, medical cannabis, or any other substance that produces profound effects in the mind or body, for those who struggle with addiction, or are looking for an “escape” or “high”, kratom can be potentially habit forming. And just like those substances, if taken every single day in large amounts for a prolonged period of time, there will be a period of adjustment or “withdrawal” while the body recalibrates to performing its normal functions by itself.  Fortunately this can be easily avoided by treating Kratom with respect and exercising responsible use. 

In order to responsibly use Kratom we must be properly informed about the benefits and potential risks. At WildCraft we highly suggest anyone considering using Kratom Leaf to educate themselves independently and to speak with their healthcare providers before considering using this product. We also suggest taking these practical steps to promote harm reduction and dependency:

  1. Do not take more than five days in a row. Take frequent breaks and always take days off each week. 
  2. Do not exceed two doses in one day. 
  3. Do not operate machinery or motor vehicles while using this product. 
  4. Do not use in combination with other substances. 
  5. Always properly hydrate and nourish your body while consuming this product.
  6. Talk to your doctor if taking medication or adding in new medications. For a comprehensive list of drug interactions please visit KRATOM.ORG
  7. If you feel you are struggling with your Kratom use don’t be ashamed. Reach out to those that love and support you and ask for help! 
All information presented on this website is deemed informational only and should not to be construed as medical advice or instruction. Kratom products are not FDA approved. All statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. Kratom or the information presented on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. 
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