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Who is Wildcraft? 

We are Wildcraft Herb Company – a small family owned craft Kratom company out of Epping, New Hampshire. 

We have a deep passion for plants.  We pursued Education in and received degrees in Sustainable Agriculture and Herbal Medicine.  We spend our time meditating in the woods, foraging medicinal and edible plants and growing our own food and medicine. We also have a deep passion for Yoga.  Jenn is a Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer, specializing in the less familiar lineage of Kundalini Yoga. She is also a Bhakti Yoga devotee. Having grown up on a farm, when we met,  we immediately found that we both shared a deep passion for foraging and growing. Together every year we harvest local NH medicinal and edible plants to craft into oxymels, tinctures, syrups and teas.

 Our dream is to purchase a small piece of land to start a homestead and expand Wildcraft Herb Company to include all of the items we produceWe believe in the healing power of plants and that the intention behind what we do matters. At WildCraft Herb Company, we take extra steps to ensure we treat our products, the people we work with, and the Earth that sustains us all with the highest level of love, gratitude and respect for the future.

Our farmers are part of our family and this close relationship allows us to be meticulously involved in every step of the process, from harvest to delivery. This ensures we guarantee a higher quality, unadulterated, freshly harvested product that our customers can trust. One look at our Leaf and you can tell the difference. We truly source small batches of only the best leaf on our farmers entire fields, some of the best in the world. 

These are the reasons why we are different : 


Just as in the brewing industry and the cannabis industry, there are companies that focus on quantity and those that focus on quality. Wildcraft’s commitment is to quality. We source smaller quantities of only the highest quality leaf, freshly harvested at the peak of its maturity and potency.

Sustainably And Ethically Sourced 

At WildCraft we are dedicated to the fair and ethical treatment of the planet and all of its inhabitants. The people we work with and the land our products come from are treated with the utmost gratitude, fairness, and respect for the future. All of our packaging is made from sustainable materials and able to be recycled. 

Freshly harvested 

Unlike many of our competitors who buy in huge quantities from wholesalers, all of our kratom leaf is harvested fresh for each order we make. Our team in Indonesia, led by Master Farmers, hand select only the highest quality leaves from the many trees on their family farm, both cultivated and wild. 

Higher Quality 

Our Kratom is organically grown, hand selected at the peak of maturity and always harvested fresh every single order. Our farmers are Kratom experts and have spent many generations perfecting the art of producing the highest quality products. 


Our leaves are harvested from the same fields in a sustainable rotation batch after batch. This means we can offer a consistent product our users can rely on to meet their needs when it matters most.

 Lab tested 

We test for contaminants, alkaloid content, and suitability for use. Our friends and family use our products so our standards are high.

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